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Clemon-Maki Insurance provides comprehensive insurance policies for all of your needs. Our company's recreation insurance policies allow you to enjoy your assets and not worry about the risks you face by owning them. Whether you have an RV or another type of vehicle, it is essential to have proper insurance in place on it to reduce your financial liability should an instance occur. With the help of our independent insurance agents, we'll guide you in selecting the right type of recreational insurance for your needs.

What Type of Recreation Insurance Do You Need?

There are two big threats against your vehicles. The first is the risk of something happening to your RV. This could include fire, theft, and damage from accidents. Protecting your RV is just as important as protecting your car. You need comprehensive property insurance in most cases to protect the value of the vehicle. You also need, in many cases, collision insurance.

In addition to this, RVs also need liability protection. Liability insurance minimizes your financial responsibility should you or your vehicle cause an accident. It does not help to pay for your losses but rather those of the other persons', such as paying for the damage to their car or medical bills. Additional types of recreation insurance are also available including those to protect your RV while in storage and policies to minimize financial risk to your assets on board.

How Clemon-Maki Insurance Can Help You

If you are in Iowa, Clemon-Maki Insurance is available to help you with your recreation insurance needs. Stop in or call our offices to request a quote for the coverage you need. The process is fast. And, we can help you to determine any discounts that may apply to your situation as well. Getting a quote for recreation insurance in Iowa from Clemon-Maki Insurance is easy to do. Let our independent insurance agents help you with the process today.

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